PC’s are getting cheaper, more powerful

The PC has never been more powerful.But its future is in the hands of more consumers, with more computing options, according to research from the research group Gartner.The research group said PCs are getting faster and more powerful, and the best-selling PCs are now more powerful than ever.The PC market has been shrinking ever since […]

‘This is just a game’ for the internet, says internet activist

Posted November 30, 2018 17:09:59 The internet is a wonderful place, but it’s also a place that’s a danger.The people who make the internet seem harmless and harmless are the ones that make it a place where things go wrong.That’s why a lot of people don’t take any responsibility for what goes on on the […]

Apple has finally given up on selling computers for under $1,000

Apple’s foray into the home is finally over.The Cupertino-based company, which is widely regarded as the king of home computers, will not sell any of its latest, most affordable models to people under $100, a senior Apple exec told The Verge on Monday.For most of the past three years, Apple has been selling its new […]

Computer monitor for PC gaming could be worth $100

Computers are not the only ones with screen sizes that can be set to monitor gaming activity, and one of the most affordable options is a gaming monitor.If you’re going to be gaming, you probably want a gaming screen, and the ones with high refresh rates and wide viewing angles are the ones you’ll be […]

A cheap gaming PC from the 70s and 80s

SportBible.com title A ’80s gaming PC that still has a ’80’s feel.article A quick glance at the SportBibles’ collection reveals a plethora of vintage PCs, including some from the 1970s and 1980s.The PC has a rather large display, which is pretty rare for today’s standards.The machine was powered by a Pentium III-3200 CPU with 512MB […]

Why I Don’t Want to Live in a Box

AUGUSTA, Ga.— I’ve spent most of my life living in a box.I’ve owned two of them.But I want to buy one of them back.I’d like to be able to bring a friend home to see me again.I want a house where I can live in my own place, and I want a family that I […]

How to break into computer science from a distance

A computer science major is not necessarily a requirement for becoming a computer scientist.The key is to understand the fundamentals of computers.The first step is to master basic programming, which is something many students can’t do because of their age.The second step is getting your computer to work, which involves a little bit of trial […]

How to save on computers,phones,and tablets

Cheap computers are coming back into fashion, but there are some that aren’t so cheap you’ll have to shell out for the next model.It’s the best laptop computer at a discounted price and it’s the perfect gift for anyone who’s already got a laptop.The Best Laptop Computer of 2018 has been chosen as the best […]

The ‘biggest’ Windows 10 upgrade is on the horizon, Microsoft says

Windows 10 is on its way to a much bigger rollout than the company initially thought, and the company is already rolling out its biggest upgrade to date.According to Microsoft, the upgrade will see the company’s operating system come to all PCs, desktops, notebooks and gaming consoles in “major markets”.“We have seen some really big […]

‘Quantum computer meme’ hits the streets

The Quantum computer meme, as it’s known, is about as far from reality as you can get, but the concept is a popular one in cyberspace.A quantum computer would be capable of thinking about a problem using only light and electricity, and it would be able to solve it.It would be an incredibly powerful computer, […]


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