What if we told you that a lot of people who visit this country don’t know how to code?

This is a common question when visiting the US or UK.It can be a difficult question to answer, especially if you’re unfamiliar with how computers work, or are unsure of where to start.But there is a solution: The US Department of Homeland Security has created a website called Computer in Spanish that offers a few […]

My college’s computer science major gave me my first crush

The computer science degree I received at UC Berkeley is now gone.My college experience and my love of games have been lost forever.I was one of the lucky ones.My degree in computer science has helped me become an engineer at an incredible company, and it has given me the confidence to tackle some of the […]

How to beat the best Madden NFL players

With Madden NFL 15, the biggest games of the year are in store.But with all the games to choose from, what’s the best game you can play on your own?Here are 10 games you should play with the best players in the world, in the hopes that you’ll be rewarded with the biggest prize of […]

How to get your phone out of your pocket

With the advent of digital communications, it’s no longer possible to keep your phone in your pocket.But how do you get your smartphone out of a pocket without actually putting your phone on your head?I asked the experts.

How to buy a desktop computer for £700-£1,000 online from Apple and Microsoft

Buy a computer from a major tech company and you might end up spending hundreds of pounds more.The average purchase price for a computer in the UK is now around £1,700, up from £1.3 million in 2016.But this is likely to increase further, as the number of computers available to buy has grown, according to […]

Tech giant Google is testing a new virtual reality headset with its own ‘virtual reality house’

Google is experimenting with a virtual reality virtual reality house called the ‘VR House’, and will allow its staff to use it for private use.The company is now testing the product, with the VR House being used to train employees for VR roles, according to a report by The Verge.The virtual reality project has been […]

What you need to know about security vulnerabilities in the world’s most popular personal computers

Updated October 26, 2018 04:52:51There are two types of computer vulnerabilities: technical vulnerabilities and social vulnerabilities.A technical vulnerability means the problem is exploitable to anyone with a computer.A social vulnerability means someone who has the ability to exploit the vulnerability, which can lead to a breach or data loss.A vulnerability in a computer will never […]

How to get your own robot to work in the cloud

Hacker News article If you’ve been living in a virtual reality (VR) world, you probably know that you can take your own personal robot to do your bidding in a new world of computing.For some, that means making your own machine and building your own virtual reality headset.Others opt for the cheaper, more practical solution […]

Which computer does my computer monitor belong to?

I have a computer monitor and I have it hooked up to a computer that I have connected to my internet connection, but it’s not connected to the internet.That’s how I get the data from my computer.I don’t know if it’s connected to a router, or if it is a modem, or whether it’s an […]

PC parts repaired in crash that killed 1

PC parts that were repaired in a crash that claimed the life of a Boston woman and severely injured another person were among the computers repaired in the crash, according to an official with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.The agency’s National Computer Incident Response Team has been assisting the state’s investigation.Investigators have recovered some […]


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