What do you think of a ‘cartoon’ computer running slow?

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Why are we making our kids play computers in cartoons?

Computer monitors can be hard to see or even hard to control.A computer mouse is a more comfortable alternative.I recently purchased an iPad mini to give my daughter as a gift, and she is playing around with the new iPad mini, playing around.She has no idea how to use it.I have an iPad Pro that […]

‘Dancing With The Stars’ host is a porn star

DANNY BROOKS was once a star on the ‘Dance With The World’ reality show.Now he’s been dubbed a porn superstar in the UK.He has been featured in a number of erotic films and is now a porn actor.He is also a director for the UK’s biggest online sex service.The British Broadcasting Corporation says he is […]

How to save money on your computer repairs

What you need to know about computer repairs and repair prices.The most common problems you might encounter when you buy a computer.The best ways to repair them.How to find a computer repair shop.How much you should expect to pay for computer repairs.Here are some things to keep in mind.1.Can I buy the same computer at […]

How to beat the cartoon computer

The Simpsons is a cartoon computer game created by John Lasseter that features a series of cartoon characters who are playing computer games and are tasked with defeating each other by defeating the other cartoon computer characters.In the episode “The Simpsons: Tapped Out,” Homer is tasked with playing “the computer game” while watching the Simpsons.In […]


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