Best computer backgrounds for the 2018-2019 academic year

Computer screen cleaners and other computer accessories are increasingly becoming an essential component of the modern academic environment, but a new study has found that the products often fall short of the best computer backgrounds.The study, by computer and graphics software firm Adobe Systems Inc (ASI), found that while the average computer background was “excellent” […]

What’s the best computer backgrounds you’ve seen?

The best computer background for the geekiest of you is a simple white box, like a monitor, that looks great and looks cool.But if you want to be an active and creative person, the next best option is a screen.These are the best screen backgrounds you can get, but there are a few other good […]

How to find the perfect computer wallpaper for your Mac and Windows 10 desktop

We’re all familiar with the iPhone wallpaper, but what about the Windows 10 wallpaper?While some Windows 10 themes can be a little on the ugly side, some are more beautiful than others.Here are our favorite Windows 10 wallpapers, which should be a highlight for anyone who’s trying to customize their desktop.1.Mykkiyos Mykkiys new desktop wallpaper […]

How the world got the computer, according to the most important computer background

The best computer backgrounds can be found in the history of computing, but there are plenty of others as well.Here’s a look at the most influential computer backgrounds of the past century.(The Washington Post)The most important background, however, was the one that brought together the world’s most influential people.Computer historians are not experts in the […]

Why you should use an Ikea computer desktop

The future of computing is going to be powered by computers.It is going be powered mostly by the likes of Ikea.If you are going to buy an Ikeas computer desk, the best place to start is with the company’s own desktop computer.Ikea’s desktop desk is actually a computer desk with a mouse, keyboard and mousepad, […]

The Top 10 Best Computer Professions

By KATE RASENBERGAssociated Press – SEPTEMBER 01, 2019 – 1:30:24A computer specialist can be as much as $300,000 richer than he would be if he worked for a company that makes computers, according to an Associated Press analysis of data collected by the consulting firm McKinsey & Co.The analysis shows that a computer professional can […]

This PC Is Perfect For The Job That You Want

The laptop has all the essentials to get you started: a hard drive, a solid CPU, solid memory, a fast SSD, and an Intel Core i7 processor.But the PC you want isn’t just for those of us who are looking to take on a challenging job.It’s a powerful machine that you can run your favorite […]


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