How to buy cheap smartphones in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and US, and how to find the best deals on them

A list of the top 50 best phones on the market is out, and the best price on the whole smartphone spectrum.With a new generation of smartphones coming out every two years, there’s always a price to be found, and this year there’s a new contender to rival the iPhone and Android.While most smartphone buyers […]

IBM says it is to sell computer case maker to Lenovo

IBM has announced it will buy Lenovo in a deal worth up to $1.2bn.The deal, announced in a statement on Wednesday, was part of the company’s broader strategy to build a “cloud computing powerhouse” by 2020.IBM will retain the business it has had since the end of 2015.In January, Lenovo was spun off from its […]

Why we need a small computer desktop in your home

It may be small, but it is still a computer.That is because it is a small form factor.As such, it is not designed to be a primary workstation for most people.But it is perfectly suited to small computing tasks.That makes the Raspberry Pi ideal for people looking to work on their own computers.The small size […]

Microsoft: New Mac mini, new Mac Pro won’t ship until January

Microsoft Corp. said Wednesday it will ship a new Mac mini in January and a new Pro Mac in February, with a new model in early 2019.The announcement comes amid speculation that Apple’s MacBook Pro, which is expected to hit store shelves later this year, will arrive in early December.Apple will also be launching the […]

How to find the perfect computer wallpaper for your Mac and Windows 10 desktop

We’re all familiar with the iPhone wallpaper, but what about the Windows 10 wallpaper?While some Windows 10 themes can be a little on the ugly side, some are more beautiful than others.Here are our favorite Windows 10 wallpapers, which should be a highlight for anyone who’s trying to customize their desktop.1.Mykkiyos Mykkiys new desktop wallpaper […]

How the world got the computer, according to the most important computer background

The best computer backgrounds can be found in the history of computing, but there are plenty of others as well.Here’s a look at the most influential computer backgrounds of the past century.(The Washington Post)The most important background, however, was the one that brought together the world’s most influential people.Computer historians are not experts in the […]

How to use the internet in a computer that’s not a fax machine

The internet is so popular these days, people are getting creative.There are so many things people are doing on it that you just can’t imagine it was any different before.But a computer keyboard, or even a keyboard that just uses a mouse, can be a little intimidating for those unfamiliar with computers.If you want to […]

Microsoft CEO Says Xbox One S Has Biggest GPU Improvements In A Decade

By JAY MURPHY Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Xbox One has the best graphics and audio in a decade.The Xbox One is the latest machine to feature an Nvidia GPU.It has two 10-core, 12-thread CPU cores and four 6-core GPU cores.The Xbox One comes in four different color options and four different models.The base […]

How to find the cheapest computer desk

The top 10 cheapest desktop computers are listed below, but the full list is subject to change as the year approaches.Computer desk Computer desk: Dell XPS 13 $1,249.99 Dell X100 $1.99 Lenovo ThinkPad T430M $1 in stock Lenovo ThinkServer M10-90T $1 Lenovo Thinkpad T430 $1 HP EliteBook 13 R7 500 $399.99 HP Elitebook 13 R710 […]

Computer-assisted bike maintenance

Bike computer, computer desk—there are some who think you need to do it yourself.While the idea is appealing for many, it’s often considered a little on the pricey side for a bike that requires the constant maintenance of an electric power-train, the kind that gets you around town or helps you reach a new destination.The […]


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