The NHL is moving away from traditional computer background images, but some fans may be left wondering if they’ll see any when they log in to the league’s new online system.

The league said Tuesday it will be using a new system to stream the game on the web.

The NHL said it plans to display a video that shows the puck at the start of each period, the end of each half and in overtime.

Fans who have already logged in to a desktop or mobile device will see that the game is on, and then they can use the new system on any device they want to watch it on.

It’s not immediately clear if they will be able to see the puck while the game continues.

The NHL’s website says the new feature is being implemented for all the league teams, but the league is not revealing the exact number of teams and which devices will be affected.

The decision to use the video was made in consultation with fans and their representatives, said league president Brian Burke in a statement.

“As we move towards a world where every player on the ice is a digital asset, we’re pleased to be making this a reality,” Burke said.

“We’re proud to be the first league to utilize the technology that makes hockey so special, and the first to bring this new technology to the fans.”

The NHL said in a blog post Tuesday that fans can now access the video by going to the home page and clicking on “Live Stream” on the right side of the page.

The site also will include a short description of the live stream.

The game will then begin.

The live stream will be available at any time on

The announcement comes after the league announced on Monday it had reached a deal with Netflix to stream games on the streaming service.

The deal includes games on NHL Network, NHL Mobile and NHL.TV.