Computer screen cleaners and other computer accessories are increasingly becoming an essential component of the modern academic environment, but a new study has found that the products often fall short of the best computer backgrounds.

The study, by computer and graphics software firm Adobe Systems Inc (ASI), found that while the average computer background was “excellent” on the AP Computer Screen Cleaning test, the average was “a little better” on other AP Computer Security tests.

“While we don’t know why there is a slight advantage to a more attractive screen, it may have something to do with the different screen cleaning software you use,” said Adobe’s chief information officer, Kevin Ehrlich, in a blog post.

“This is important because the screen cleaning programs are designed to make the user’s PC appear to be the best possible version of itself.

We want the user to feel as though the computer is clean and secure, and we want that feeling to be rewarded.”

The study found that about 70 percent of AP Computer Science students scored in the “average” category on the security tests, with the rest scoring “good” or “exceeds expectations” on all the tests.

The AP Security tests have a five-point scoring scale, with an average score of 6.3.

The computer security tests have three-point scales, with a score of 5.5.

The average score for students on the computer screen cleaner test was 5.1, and the average score on the other AP Security test was 6.2.

The average score was 6 on the “exceptionally secure” test.

“We also found that there is no clear cut way to rank the best computers for students, so students are likely to be left in the dark about which computer screen cleaners are best,” Ehrles said.

The results of the study were released ahead of the AP Computing Science Academy conference, which will take place in Chicago from September 29-October 1.

The conference is the largest conference on AP computer security and computer screen cleaning.

It will be attended by about 1,300 attendees from across the country.