We’re all familiar with the iPhone wallpaper, but what about the Windows 10 wallpaper?

While some Windows 10 themes can be a little on the ugly side, some are more beautiful than others.

Here are our favorite Windows 10 wallpapers, which should be a highlight for anyone who’s trying to customize their desktop.1.

Mykkiyos Mykkiys new desktop wallpaper features a minimalist, geometric design with the words “Mykoku” on a white background.

The wallpaper features the iconic “Star Wars” logo in a white backdrop and is compatible with the Windows 8 and 10 desktop versions of Windows 10.

If you like the original wallpaper, this is the one to get.

If not, you can check out the others in the gallery below.2.

Cheddar Biscuits Cheddar Bistro Chetty’s new desktop is reminiscent of its original desktop, with its black background and black and white striped lettering.

The design is inspired by a Biscuit and a Cheetos logo.

This wallpaper will also be compatible with Windows 10, Mac OS X 10.12 Yosemite, and Windows 8.1 10.9 and higher.3.

Macalania Caves Caves is a minimalist desktop theme with bright colors, a textured black background, and the Macalani crest, which is similar to the crest worn by the Jedi in the original Star Wars trilogy.

Like Cheddar, this wallpaper will be compatible for Windows 10 and Mac OS 10.11 Yosemite and Windows 7.1 are recommended.4.

Mycelium Mycelium’s new Windows 10 theme features a light gray background and a black and gray striped letter with an orange star on it.

Unlike most other Windows wallpapers on this list, this one is compatible for both Windows 10 Home and Windows 9.

The background and star are both in a black background.5.

Myriad Walls Myriad Walls is a black, white, and red themed desktop wallpaper.

The theme features the word “Myriad” on the white background, while the word has a green color.

Like the other Myriad wallpapers in this list (and the others listed in the “Recommended Windows 10 Wallpapers” section), this one will be updated to a new wallpaper in the coming weeks.6.

Wootwoot Woot Woots is a bold, colorful, and retro wallpaper that’s the perfect entry point for Windows desktop users.

The textured background and blue gradient background is a great complement to the vibrant color scheme.

The black background is also a great contrast to the textured color.

If it’s a light theme and you’re in the mood for something a little more colorful, this could be the one for you.7.

Mantis Wooty Woot is another bold and colorful theme that looks good on both the Windows 7 and 8.x desktop versions.

It’s an homage to the original Mantis cartoon.

The color scheme is inspired from a cartoon from the 1980s that shows a mouse chasing a rat through a dark forest.

This one will also work on Windows 10 10.6 and higher, but you can also try it on Mac OS and Windows, or try it out on other OSs.8.

Crescendo WootoWoots is an interesting wallpaper.

Its design is influenced by the classic “Crescendos” cartoon that is featured in the Disney movie “Cars” and has been the subject of several TV series.

The dark, geometric, and colorful colors and text are inspired by classic Disney animation, while a bold white background and white stars are all that make up the wallpaper.

Woots wallpaper will come in a variety of sizes, from 10 x 11 inches to 18 x 21 inches.9.

Icy Wall Icy Wall is a beautiful desktop theme that features a dark gray background with a textural white outline around it, which makes it look like a wall.

This is a very light theme that doesn’t require a lot of energy to run.

Like all of the Windows wallpapers in this collection, this will also function on both Windows 7, 8.2, 10.x, and 10.1 and higher OSs and desktop versions (Windows 10 Home, Mac, and Linux, respectively).10.

Woop Woop is another dark, elegant desktop wallpaper that looks great on Windows and Mac.

It features a geometric design that uses a texturized black background with white stars.

Like many Windows wallpaper themes, the text is also in a gray color.11.

Voodoo Woop The Voodoo Wallpaper is another minimalist desktop wallpaper inspired by the iconic video game “Voodoo”.

It features bright colors and a texturizing white background to accentuate the theme’s retro-inspired design.

Like other Windows wallpaper themes, this works on both versions of OS 10, 10, and Mac, but it will also run on other versions of the OS