By JAY MURPHY Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced the Xbox One has the best graphics and audio in a decade.

The Xbox One is the latest machine to feature an Nvidia GPU.

It has two 10-core, 12-thread CPU cores and four 6-core GPU cores.

The Xbox One comes in four different color options and four different models.

The base model is $499 and the Xbox Elite Edition is $599.

The Elite Edition includes all of the games, the game streaming, and the ability to play offline with a wireless controller.

The standard Elite Edition comes with a 1080p display.

Nadella said the Xbox 720 and Xbox One had a lot of good ideas for graphics, and he said that this new machine was “a lot better than the Xbox 360” and has “greater graphical quality.”

The Xbox 720 has a GPU that is 10 times better than any other console in its class, and it has “much more compute power,” he said.

“It’s got better texture filtering, it’s got more color and it’s had better memory bandwidth.”

Nadell said the new Xbox One, “has better graphics, more compute, and more memory bandwidth,” but he said, “it’s got much more graphics.”

Nadell did not say if this machine is the fastest console, but he did say the Xbox 1, which has the same graphics, has the highest GPU output of any console in history.

The new Xbox is also better at video streaming than the current Xbox One.

The console can output 4K video at 60 frames per second, which is twice the resolution of the current console.

The 720 and the Elite Edition of the Xbox are the only two consoles that can output the highest 4K resolution at 60 fps.

Nate Silver, the creator of the popular online video streaming site Twitch, called the Xbox a “killer.”

He said the 4K output on the new console is “exceptionally high.”

Silver also praised the Xbox’s wireless controller, saying it was “the most responsive wireless controller I’ve ever used.”

Nate Nadelly also spoke about the Xbox and said that it has a “faster gaming experience” than any console before it.

Nadellas video was available for a short time during the conference.

Microsoft did not respond to a request for comment.