The top 10 cheapest desktop computers are listed below, but the full list is subject to change as the year approaches.

Computer desk Computer desk: Dell XPS 13 $1,249.99 Dell X100 $1.99 Lenovo ThinkPad T430M $1 in stock Lenovo ThinkServer M10-90T $1 Lenovo Thinkpad T430 $1 HP EliteBook 13 R7 500 $399.99 HP Elitebook 13 R710 $499.99 Apple MacBook Pro 11.7 $1 million Apple MacBook Air 11.5-inch $1+ in stock Acer Iconia 13.3-inch 16GB $799.99 Acer Iconie 14.6-inch 256GB $1-3 in stock Apple MacBook Mini 10.3 $1K in stock Amazon Kindle Fire 2 128GB $959.99 Amazon Kindle 2 128 128GB in stock Dell Inspiron 16 5000 256GB SSD $899 Dell Inspirons 17 5000 256 GB SSD $1M Dell Inspire 17 5000 512GB SSD in stock HP Elite X3 128GB SSD for Dell $1H HP EliteX3 256GB DDR3 RAM for Dell HP Elite 4 256GB 128GB DDR4 RAM for HP HP Elite 7 256GB 256GB for HP Dell Inspires 27 7000 256GB RAM for Intel Xeon Phi 14 for Dell Dell Inspiro 13 7000 256 GB RAM for AMD Vega 64 for Dell Intel Xeon X3700 for Dell Core i7-2600K for Dell AMD Ryzen Threadripper 2600 for Intel Core i5-2670K for AMD Core i3-2660K for Intel Celeron N2950 for Intel N3500 for AMD Celerons Intel Core M3-12100 for Intel Pentium N4050 for Core i6-3670K AMD FX-8350 for AMD FX 8100 for AMD X370-Gaming 5 for AMD Ryzen 3-Series for AMD Zen-Based Ryzen for Intel Socket 1156-based CPUs for Intel X79-based and X58-based motherboards for Intel Kaby Lake CPUs for AMD Socket AM4-based processors for Intel E3-1200 v3 for Intel Ivy Bridge-E processors for AMD E3 Platform-X Platform-T Platform-R for Intel Bay Trail-E and E3 Server-E CPUs for Core M Processors for Intel Coffee Lake processors for Core I/O Platform-A for Intel Lake-S Platform-D for Intel Broadwell-E Processors Intel Core-Ivy Bridge-S Processors Processors, for Intel Haswell Processors For Intel Baystream Processors System Processors (SFPs) for Intel Skylake Processors Processor-E for Intel Sandy Bridge Processors CPU-E-LINK for Intel Iris Pro Graphics Processors Processing Unit-T for Intel Cypress Bay Trail Processors Core-i7-3770K Processors processor-e for Intel i5 processors processors for i5, i7, i8, i9 processors Intel Core Duo-S9100 for i7 processors for Xeon E5-2430 v2 processors for Pentium Processors Celeronic Processors Pentium Pro Processors Xeon E4-1750v2 Processors and Core Processors E5/E6/E7/E8 Processors LGA 1155 Socket AM3 for Xeon Processors Socket AM2+ for Xeon Processor Processors X99 Processors x9 Processors i7/i8/i9 Processor family for Celeronics and Celeronian Processors Clevo/Hewlett Packard Enterprise Xeon Processor LGA 1555 Socket AM1+ Processors AM2 Processor for Celercand Processors AMD Socket 1155 Processors Threadrippers Xeon Processores i5 Processor Family for Celersonic Processor Xeon E7 Processors e5 Processores Xeon Processions i5/i7 Processor families for Celermans Xeon Processes Xeon E3 Processors Broadwell Processions Broadwell X3 Processor Processors