WASHINGTON — A Walmart PC maintenance service that has been serving customers in California for more than a decade will be relocated to a more competitive state, Walmart said Wednesday.

The store will relocate to California, the retailer announced in a statement.

While the move is not a permanent closure, Walmart plans to offer more frequent service to ensure that customers have the best experience possible.

“We are thrilled to welcome PC repair to our store,” said Doug Pritchard, Walmart’s senior vice president of global retail operations.

“PCs are the heart of Walmart’s global supply chain, and we are committed to bringing our customers the best PC repair and refurbishment service available.”

Walmart also announced that it will be expanding its home improvement store in the San Jose area.

Walter Palmer, the famed founder of Palmer United, which is aligned with the billionaire billionaire, has been an outspoken critic of President Donald Trump, calling him “the biggest danger to democracy and freedom” in the United States.

Pritchard said the move to California would allow the company to focus on its core business of delivering quality, high-quality PC parts.