Microsoft has made it clear that it wants to use Facebook to reach more people.

The company, which makes its own operating system, has announced that it has set up a new initiative to help businesses target the people that they most want to reach, and that this is called “Facebook for Business”.

This means that Microsoft is creating a set of “user profiles” for businesses that it can use to target people based on their interests, activities, and preferences.

Microsoft will also be using these profiles to “identify, target, and engage with users who are most likely to have interests and behaviors that match those of the targeted user,” according to a press release.

Microsoft is also using the profiles to create an online shopping portal, which allows businesses to buy goods and services from their customers.

The new initiative comes after Facebook said it plans to spend $10 million over the next three years to target its users based on interests and demographics.

Facebook’s efforts include using machine learning to identify customers and people who might be interested in the products and services they are buying.

Microsoft is now using the same approach to reach users who may be interested on the company’s own platform.