Apple is rolling out a fix for a problem that has plagued some customers for more than a year.

According to a new report by The Next Big News, Apple has fixed the problem with the Apple TV, but there are still a few issues that still need to be resolved.

While there are some problems that can be resolved with a computer monitor, for example, there are also issues that cannot be resolved at all.

The Apple TV can be fixed by disconnecting and reconnecting the TV and turning off the cable.

However, there is no way to fix the problem of the Apple computer monitor without disconnecting the computer monitor and reconnection.

The problem was first reported by MacRumors, who said the problem has been plaguing Apple users for several years.

According the MacRumor report, Apple is now rolling out an update that resolves the problem.

It also states that the update will require the installation of an app called AppleTV Repair and is currently available in the App Store.

According Apple, there has been no change in functionality or performance of the new software update.

It has also stated that the new app does not work on the AppleTV or other Apple TVs, and that customers should not use it on those systems.

In an email to The Next Little News, a spokesperson for Apple said that the company is aware of the issue and is working to fix it.

Apple TV repair can be a little tricky, however, according to MacRumour.

There are a few things to remember when dealing with Apple TV.

First of all, it requires a cable and an Apple TV remote, which Apple said is very easy to obtain.

Second, there’s no way for the Apple device to detect whether it’s connected to an AppleTV.

Third, if you disconnect your Apple TV and reconnect it, you’ll need to disconnect the cable and plug the device into a computer that is connected to a PC, Mac or iOS device, so it won’t connect to your AppleTV remotely.

Apple has not commented on the Macrumors report, but the AppleInsider website is reporting that the app will only work on devices that support it.

It is possible that Apple has released an update to address the issue.

In the meantime, you can contact Apple for more information about the issue or if you still have issues.