Razer Computer Depot is the latest online retailer to announce that it will launch an online store in India, targeting an estimated 5 million users.

The Indian Cyberabad e-commerce platform has teamed up with Indian e-tailer Snapdeal, with the aim of opening up a store in the country by the end of the year.

Razer announced the news in a statement on Tuesday.

“With Snapdeal’s support, we have been in talks with the Indian ecommerce giants to open an online shopping store,” Razer said in the statement.

“We will announce further details in due course.”

“We will also be adding a full range of accessories and services to our online store soon,” the company added.

“These include apparel, accessories, games, music, digital accessories, travel, gadgets, accessories and more.”

The e-store will offer a wide selection of products, including gaming gear, video game consoles, smartphones, laptops and tablets, including the Xbox, PlayStation and Apple iPhones, which will be available in multiple currencies.

Razer’s chief executive, Ramazan Ghodra, said the store will offer products at a price point that is competitive with competitors.

“Our new e-retailer will provide a competitive retail experience across the globe,” he said.

“The company will focus on offering consumers the best possible deals and best value for their dollar.

Our goal is to serve the global e-Retailer community.”

Razer will operate in India under the brand “Razer”, which was launched in 2017.

The company’s first online store was launched two years ago in India.