Apple’s foray into the home is finally over.

The Cupertino-based company, which is widely regarded as the king of home computers, will not sell any of its latest, most affordable models to people under $100, a senior Apple exec told The Verge on Monday.

For most of the past three years, Apple has been selling its new MacBook Air laptop for about $1 and $1.99, the company said in a statement.

That’s less than a third of what a $1 million MacBook Pro retails for today.

But the company is now saying it is “not selling a lot of our high-end computers for less than $100.”

The new announcement comes after a year in which Apple made big strides in the home, offering some of the best laptops in the market, such as the MacBook Air, and launching a range of cheaper models.

Apple will no longer sell its high-priced laptops under $2,000.

Instead, Apple will sell the Mac mini for about the same price, but it will only be sold through third-party retailers.

Apple is still offering a variety of low-cost laptops, including the low-end MacBook Air for under £400, and the low price of the $300 13-inch MacBook Pro for under about $600.

Apple’s move to sell its low-priced products at a lower price has attracted criticism from the likes of former Apple CEO Steve Jobs, who criticized Apple’s strategy during his 2014 interview with Diane Sawyer.

“Apple, when you make a low-price product, people say, ‘Oh, that’s a bargain,'” Jobs said, adding that he’d been “disappointed” by Apple’s decision to sell so few low-margin products at $100.

In an interview with the Financial Times, Apple Chief Financial Officer David Einhorn said the company has “taken a really, really hard look at the way we do business” in the past.

He also defended the company’s decision not to sell MacBooks under $200.

“We’ve sold a lot, and we’re proud of it,” Einathan said.

“The low-level laptops have sold very well.

But we have the MacBook Pro, and that’s what we are going to keep selling.”

As for the Mac Pro, Apple announced on Tuesday that it will sell only $2.99 Macs to people between the ages of 17 and 64.

That number has been on a downward trend for Apple for the past year, but the company says it will “continue to grow the Mac line” and “will be able to offer the best Mac for the price we charge.”

Apple has sold more than 7 million Macs since 2013.