It’s an increasingly common scenario to see the name of a computer listed alongside the names of a phone, tablet or other computer accessories.

While most are intended for a specific purpose, there are exceptions.

For example, the iPhone and iPad have both become accessories for smartphones and tablets, as have the Microsoft Surface, Microsoft Surface Pro and Apple iPad.

And in some cases, the name on the accessory may be the same as the name associated with the computer you’re using.

The list of accessories is long and growing, but there are a few things to know.

First, some of these are more for computers that you’re already using than for smartphones.

For instance, if you’re not a fan of a particular brand of computer, it may not be appropriate to name a computer after that brand.

In other cases, though, the list may not reflect a specific model of computer.

In either case, we recommend calling the device a computer rather than a phone.

Second, some accessories have been around for a while and are no longer relevant.

For more information on the history of these types of items, see the companion article on the product.

In addition, the devices themselves aren’t necessarily related to the products they’re replacing.

For many years, computers had keyboards, mice, trackpads and touchpads.

These devices are no more, and we suggest not using them.

The products themselves are designed to work with other devices, not replace them.

Third, sometimes the name doesn’t match the product itself.

In this case, the brand name may be confusing or confusingly similar to the name for the product on the other end of the phone or tablet connection.

For examples of this, see our companion article called “Why It’s OK to Name Your Phone or Tablet Computer a Phone or iPad.”

If you’re unsure if a particular accessory is a smartphone or tablet, try using the product name in a search for the item you’re searching for.

The search term might include both the phone and tablet names, but it might also include the name in parentheses.

For more information, see The Search for the Right Phone or Tablet Computer Accessories article and the companion articles on phone and computer accessories and computer desktops.