Buy a computer from a major tech company and you might end up spending hundreds of pounds more.

The average purchase price for a computer in the UK is now around £1,700, up from £1.3 million in 2016.

But this is likely to increase further, as the number of computers available to buy has grown, according to research from Computerworld.

For example, the average price of a desktop PC last year was £1 in the US, $1.2 in China and $1,836 in South Korea.

However, that figure has since fallen by around half, to $1 in Japan and $2.16 in Singapore, according the research.

With the rise in the number available to purchase, it’s no surprise that the average cost of a computer has also increased.

According to Computerworld, the median price for PCs is now £1-£2,800, compared with £800-£900 in 2015.

That’s due to a number of factors, including a new generation of powerful processors, better storage and more powerful graphics cards.

For example in the last few years, the price of Intel’s desktop chips has dropped to around £100, according a recent study from research firm IDC.

Although Apple has seen a significant rise in its prices, the company has also introduced several updates to its computers to make them more affordable.

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