Apple Computer has updated its keyboards, adding an option to the Apple Keyboard Layout feature that allows users to edit the spacing between letters on the keyboard.

Apple’s keyboard layout feature is a feature that helps users learn how to type faster, but it’s also the most commonly used keyboard layout tool.

In a blog post on Monday, Apple’s Senior Product Manager for Keyboard Layout, Adam J. Siegel, said the new feature will help users create better layouts for their keyboards, especially if they’re typing on the go.

The new feature lets users edit the alignment of letters on a keyboard.

For example, instead of typing the letter X, the user could type Y instead.

Users can then drag and drop their own alternate layout onto the keyboard, and the result can be a keyboard that looks more natural and easier to read.

In an effort to make typing easier, Apple said users can use the new keyboard layout to create their own custom layout for each letter, rather than having to type the letters individually.

Users may then use the keyboard to type letters in a more natural way.

The update to the keyboard layout allows users who are not using the new Apple Keyboard layout feature to create an alternative layout.

Apple said it’s adding the feature because it believes it’s important to users.

Apple has made it easier for users to customize the spacing of letters for a keyboard, so the feature may make it easier to keep typing and focus on the words you’re reading.

Siegel said the company is working to improve its keyboard layout features for other products.

For example, in the future, the company may offer users the ability to add a custom layout to Apple Watch.