When your smart phone sends you a random number or text message, it can take a while to process and send the password change.

A new technology called TouchID allows you to change your password on your phone in seconds, which could save you hours of hassle and hassle-free phone calls.

TouchID works with smartphones and tablets.

Users can simply hold their phone to the lock screen of their phone and then touch it to their smart phone’s screen.

Once the user touches the screen, TouchID will read out the number, text, and PIN from the smart phone.

The user then needs to input the correct number and text, which will be sent to the smart device’s lock screen.

TouchID has been around for a few years now and has seen great success with the iPhone, but it has only been recently that the technology has been ported to smart phones.

The new technology uses the TouchID sensor built into your smart phones to send the correct password.

If you’re on a mobile device that doesn’t have TouchID built-in, you can get a free trial of TouchID.

For more information about TouchID, visit: TouchID and Mobile Devices Privacy Policy