A new PC from Intel is now available for less-than-$200 from a retailer in the United States.

The company’s Core i5-6200U desktop computer is available on Amazon for $15 less than the Core i7-6900K that’s available at Intel’s retail outlets.

Intel also has a line of desktop PCs that are priced under $100.

They include the Core m7-7700HQ for under $60 and the Core XPS 15 for under half that price.

Intel’s desktop PC line is popular with children and families.

The Core m5-8600K, the Core FX-8350 and the FX-8400 are available in two generations of the Core desktop, but they’re available in only two versions, which are the Core M5 and Core M7.

Intel has also introduced a line for those who want to buy an older desktop computer.

The XPS 13-series desktop computers are $1,199, but the Core-M5-M7-8700K for $1.49 more.