Windows 10 is on its way to a much bigger rollout than the company initially thought, and the company is already rolling out its biggest upgrade to date.

According to Microsoft, the upgrade will see the company’s operating system come to all PCs, desktops, notebooks and gaming consoles in “major markets”.

“We have seen some really big growth in our markets.

People are starting to take advantage of Windows 10, and we’re going to have a bigger roll-out than we thought,” Microsoft’s Terry Myerson said.”

We’ll see a huge amount of new people coming to Windows 10.

That’s the key thing.

It’s a really big roll-up.”

Myerson says that’s because Microsoft is focusing on the more mainstream PC market.

“Windows 10 is really popular among PC users, and there’s a big market for PCs in terms of the number of people who are using Windows 10,” he said.

Myerson said Windows 10 will also be a more appealing platform to developers.

“If you’re going into the enterprise, and you want to deliver a great experience, you’re looking for a platform that’s not only good, but that’s also easy to manage,” he explained.

Microsoft is also planning to roll out a large number of additional software updates, which will include updates for Cortana, a new Microsoft TV interface, Cortana-powered voice assistants, Cortana’s cloud service and the Cortana digital assistant.

“With these updates, we’re actually building a really good platform for the Windows 10 ecosystem, which is really critical,” Myerson explained.

“It’s really important to us that it has the right mix of features to make it really easy for developers and consumers to get the right experience.”

“You can find a lot of information about these updates on the Windows Store.

So we can go and check it and see what’s been released, what’s new and what’s not.

It really helps developers really understand what’s going on.”

Microsoft is launching a free trial of Windows Insiders early next year, but the company says it will be rolling out the upgrade as quickly as possible.

The Redmond-based company is also adding new features to the operating system, including a new way to access files and services.

“That is going to be the most significant thing for people,” said Myerson.

“We’re adding a lot more ways to access Windows 10 that we didn’t have before.”