The best apps to learn new languages, how to do certain things and how to keep your brain fresh.


Google Translate app (Google) This is a great tool to translate from your native language into English and vice versa.

It’s not just a simple translation but an extensive and deep analysis of your language, so you can easily identify words that are unfamiliar or have multiple meanings.

This app has an extensive vocabulary and an extensive grammar of all the words you’ve used in your native languages.

The Translate dictionary includes more than 1,000 words in English and the Translate vocabulary contains words in Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese, Russian, Hindi and other languages.

It has also been updated to incorporate new vocabulary and the latest language versions of English words.


Google Voice translation (Google Voice) Voice is the most popular messaging service in the world and Google Voice is a good option to learn the language with Google Voice.

Voice provides you with a wide range of languages, including English, Chinese (Simplified), French, Japanese, German, Russian and Spanish.

You can choose a variety of different languages to learn.

You can also set up a free trial to get access to additional languages and additional content.


Word Search (Word Search) The free and paid versions of Word Search provide a quick search and dictionary of common words that you might use in your daily life.

If you’re looking for a word you might have forgotten, you can also search for it with the word you want to find.

To get started with Word Search, you’ll need to register an account, which costs £10 a month.


Google Maps app (Android) If there’s one app you’re dying to learn, it’s Google Maps.

You’ll get directions to a particular location, take a photo and get a real-time turn-by-turn.

Google Maps has a large and varied vocabulary of languages and a vast number of directions, making it easy to learn all the languages you need to. 5.

Free and paid version of Google Voice app (Free) Google Voice is free and has a wide variety of features, including a large vocabulary of hundreds of languages.

You also get access at the click of a button to access other languages, add new languages and much more.


Google Search app (iPhone, iPad) It’s a great way to get your hands on the best and most current news and articles from around the world.

You will find a huge number of languages on the search bar of Google Search, making learning a breeze.


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