Windows 8, the new operating system being released by Microsoft on September 21, was designed to be the best version of Windows yet.

The new operating systems focus on simplicity, security, and flexibility.

While there were a few updates to the system, the main change is that the Windows Store has been renamed to Windows Store.

The Windows Store is Microsoft’s store for Windows.

Microsoft also updated its website to provide a list of the changes to the operating system.

The list of updates is pretty lengthy, but the big news is that Windows 8 includes the first-ever Cortana, which will be the voice assistant on Windows.

Cortana is also the first version of Microsoft’s Cortana voice assistant to support a photo library.

The Cortana experience will be similar to the Windows Phone experience, with the ability to search for photos and videos on your Windows 8 PC and share them via voice.

There’s also an updated version of Bing, the search engine on Windows, which allows you to search by topic, such as the search for movies or TV shows, with Bing as the primary search engine.

Microsoft’s Bing search engine was also updated to support the ability for you to view the top results for a particular word or phrase on your screen.

Microsoft is also releasing a free update that includes a new version of the Office app for Windows 8 users.

This new Office app will allow you to edit documents, collaborate with others on a shared workstation, and access Microsoft Office apps like Outlook.

Microsoft said this update will be free of charge, so it’s not too surprising that some of the updates included in this update are free to install.

Microsoft has also added an option to turn off Microsoft Edge, the browser Microsoft announced it would be using for Windows, for Windows users.

Microsoft Edge is the company’s browser, and it’s important to note that Microsoft Edge doesn’t actually offer any functionality beyond being a browser.

Microsoft added an Edge add-on in October to provide users with better privacy, security and performance, but Microsoft Edge has not been updated to the latest version of Edge in a while.

Instead, Microsoft Edge will continue to be available as an add-in to Windows 8 for those that want to continue to use it.

There are also new settings to enable the ability of the user to remotely control the PC.

There is a new settings menu in the Control Panel that allows users to change the behavior of the mouse, keyboard, and touchpad, as well as access settings that control how the PC responds to mouse, touchpad and keyboard movements.

The Microsoft Edge add on also allows you access to Windows settings and the ability that the computer automatically adjusts Windows settings, including system and memory settings, for you.

The update also adds the ability in the Settings app to disable or change the appearance of Cortana, making it easier for Cortana to speak when she’s talking.

Cortana can now access your Microsoft Account and download files.

Microsoft Cortana has been available since October 7, and now the company is bringing Cortana to the new Windows 10 operating system in a big way.

Cortana will be available for the first time on the new Microsoft Edge version of Cortana in a few weeks.

Cortana has a new look, new voice, and Cortana can use Cortana features that are now available in Windows 10.

Microsoft plans to add Cortana support to the upcoming update to Windows 10, but that won’t happen until October 10.

There has been a lot of hype around Cortana, and some of this hype is understandable.

Microsoft wants to make the experience of using Cortana on Windows 10 as seamless as possible, so Cortana’s features are going to be accessible and easy to use.

Microsoft hasn’t updated Cortana in years, and many people are excited about Cortana in general.

The fact that Cortana is going to become available on the Windows 10 platform is a great step in the right direction for Microsoft.

It’s easy to install and the updates to Cortana have been a big win for the company, and Microsoft is making sure to keep customers happy.

It seems like Cortana is finally going to make its way into Windows 10 sometime in the fall.

The good news is, it’s going to take a while to get Cortana on your PC.

It will be more than just a simple voice search or a basic Cortana app that will make its debut in Windows 8 and Windows 8 Pro, though.

Microsoft will need to release a major update to Cortana in the next couple of months to make it as good as it is today.

There will be a lot more updates to Microsoft’s new operating environment in the months ahead, so Microsoft is going all out to get the new OS on as many PCs as possible.

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