The Apple TV has finally hit shelves in the UK with the new 4K-enabled Apple TV4.

The new 4k Apple TV supports 4K content in 1080p, including HDR content, and Apple’s HomeKit system lets users easily share content from the new Apple TV to the new iPad Mini4, which can run any version of iOS 8 or later.

Apple also announced that it is releasing a new iPad mini 4 with a 3D Touch feature to be sold alongside the new 5.5″ iPad Pro.

It also added that Apple’s new HomePod app, which was introduced last year with iOS 9, will now be available on iOS devices in October.

The new Apple TVs 4K feature also allows for 4K HDR content from Apple TV, while the iPad mini with 4K support now supports Apple’s Siri voice assistant.

Apple also announced a new Apple desktop computer system called the Apple Pro Cinema, which comes with new Apple Cinema DVR software, Apple Remote and a new Mac desktop computer called the Mac Pro.

The Mac Pro is the first Mac computer system with a Thunderbolt 3 port, and is also the first Apple desktop PC to support Thunderbolt 3.

The device supports 10GbE Ethernet, 4-in-1 RAID, and a 5-inch Retina display.

The Apple Pro also has Apple’s first 10Gb ESD protection solution, as well as an internal Thunderbolt 3 charging cable.

The Mac Pro also comes with Apple’s AirPlay 2, which lets users watch TV content from their Mac on their Apple TV.

Apple announced that the Apple TV will be available in October for $499.99.

The iPad mini will also be available for $199.99 in October, while a 4K Apple TV and Mac desktop computers are now available for £279.99 and £299.99 respectively.