Posted June 11, 2018 05:03:25 Apple has just revealed that it’s having a hard time getting new computers to run Mac OS X 10.10.2, which will be released in just over a month.

It’s a massive problem that Apple is now calling “a software-specific problem.”

The problem is the company is struggling to fix a bug in the latest version of the operating system that makes it unable to properly run Macs running older versions of the software.

The bug was first reported by the software development blog XDA, which suggested the problem was a new version of OS X, not the latest and greatest.

But Apple has since said the problem isn’t a problem with the latest OS X.

The problem, however, appears to be with the way the operating systems it uses for computers are designed.

It’s not clear how this bug is causing the problem.

It may be a software-level problem or it may be caused by some sort of hardware-level issue, the company said.

Apple has been trying to fix the problem for some time, with a patch available to all Macs on June 10.

However, the fix has proven patchy, and it’s unclear how many Macs are affected by the problem at any one time.

Apple’s latest patch addresses the problem, and fixes a bug that prevents older Macs from running the latest versions of OS 10.5.3 and later, according to XDA.

The fix is available as an update for those Macs that have a firmware upgrade available for the Mac.

Apple says that all Mac OS 10:10.3, 10.6, 10:7, and 10.8 systems that have hardware updates available for it will receive the patch.

The update should fix the OS 10 problem on all machines running the current OS 10 versions.

For Macs with hardware updates, the OS update should also fix the issue.

Macs still running the previous OS 10 will need to update to the newer OS 10 and will not receive the fix.

This is the second time Apple has announced a software update for OS 10, the first being September 12, when it announced a fix for the same bug.

Apple’s update will also fix a problem that prevented older Mac OS versions from being able to run older versions.

The OS update is expected to be available on June 20.